Get notified in case of strong exposure
As soon as the exposure level is too high, the EMS App will alert you. Avoid high risk areas in the future!
Statistics per day to monitor your exposure
Follow the evolution of the radiation. More exposed at the office or at home?
The electrosmog revolution: Your SMAIY APP!
The worldwide first BIG DATA based Electrosmog-Management App to minimize EMF exposure and take meaningful action to reduce it!
EMF Detection & BIG DATA Go Social
With the help of its social community and BIG DATA, the EMS App can predict exposure to electrosmog. This way the entire EMS community can avoid electromagnetic hotspots on a daily basis!
The SMAIY app provides an overview of the radio towers (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G cellular antenna), W-LAN access points and other EMF exposure objects in the area.
Individual Exposure Units
Based on scientific data, you can choose your preference for all warning levels in the app.
The SMAIY App will be Available on all major platforms
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